Pre-Sedation instructions

Preparing for your child’s sedation appointment

Conscious sedation is recommended for apprehensive, young or special needs children.  It is used to relax, calm your child and reduce the anxiety associated with dental treatments.  Your child may be drowsy, and may even fall asleep during sedation.

 If your child has a fever, bad cough, congestion, or is sick in any way, please call and let us discuss the particular problem, ahead of time.  If this is after hours, call our emergency contact number for our doctor on-call.

 To avoid vomiting and complications during treatment with sedation, do not allow your child any food or drink unless directed by your doctor.  You may use the following dietary schedule:

  • No Milk or solids food up to 6 hours before your appointment for children 6 and under.
  • No clear liquids 4 hours before appointment for children 6 and under. 
  • For 7 years and older, No solid foods and clear liquids after midnight prior to your child’s morning dental appointment.

Please be present at our office one hour prior to the dental appointment.  Medication will be administered to your child 15 minutes to 1 hour prior to the dental treatment. 

 The child’s parent or legal guardian must remains at the office during the complete procedure. 

Please watch your child closely while the medication is taking effect.  Hold him/her in your lap or keep him/her close to you. Your child may act drowsy or may become slightly excited at first.

Some children may vomit after sedative medication administration.  If you have followed the dietary precautions, there should be no need to be concerned. 


Quick Reminder before Sedation Appointment

Quick Reminder:

1. Nothing to eat or drink midnight before appointment (NPO)

2. We recommend to dress your child in comfortable clothes (e.g., No turtle neck shirt or tight clothes)

3. Please arrive at our office 30 minutes or 1- hour before appointment. (i.e., depend on medication use)

4. Please be advised that we will allow only one adult and no other children in our operatory during sedation. 

5. Parents are encouraged to ask our staff or doctors all questions before administering or starting our procedures.





Post-Sedation Instructions

After Your Child's Sedation Appointment

Your Child will be drowsy and will need to be monitored very closely.  Keep away from areas of potential harm.

If your child wants to sleep, place him/her on the side with chin up.  Wake your child every 1-2 hour to drink in order to prevent vomiting and dehydration.  At first, it is best to give your child small amount of clear liquids (water, apple juice, Gatorade) to prevent nausea.  The first meal should be light and easily digestible.

 If your child vomits, help the child bend over and turn the head to the side to prevent inhaling the vomit.

 Your child has been given local anesthetic to numb the treated area(s) during the dental procedures.   He/She may have the tendency to bite or chew the lips, cheeks, tongue and/or rub and scratches his/her face after treatment.  Please observe your child carefully to prevent any injury to these areas. 

Children’s Tylenol (every 6 hours as needed) or children’s Motrin (every6-8 hours as needed) may relieve minor discomfort.

If there are any questions or concerns, please call the office or page our doctor on call immediately.