Restorative Post-Op instruction


Composite Fillings (tooth color restoration)

Composite filling materials do have minimal shrinkage while hardening, therefore, some minor sensitivity may, but unlikely, occur one to two days following the restoration.

On average, posterior composite filling should serve for approximately 15 years in a relatively caries free mouth.

Drinking a lot of tea and coffee will cause the filling to get stained. 


Stainless steel crown and composite crown (SSC, STC)

Keeping good oral hygiene is very critical to maintain the crown as long as possible

Floss routinely will help clean beneath the crown to remove food debris and prevent inflammation of soft tissues.


Composite anterior crown-

do not bite on hard food with anterior teeth (cut apple and other fruits into smaller pieces) to prevent fractures and chips of composite material on the crown.


Local Anesthesia:

Your child might have been given local anesthetic to numb the treated area(s) during the dental procedures.   Your child may have the tendency to bite or chew the lips, cheeks, tongue and/or rub and scratches his/her face after treatment.  Please observe your child carefully to prevent any injury to these areas.


Minor pain:

Children’s Tylenol (every 6 hours as needed) or children’s Motrin (every6-8 hours as needed) may relieve minor discomfort.